The Staple to My Shoe Collection


Every time I buy a new pair of shoes I fall in love all over aging, no question about it. The love between a woman and a pair of shoes is one that is devoted and unbreakable. Buying a pair of shoes for me is a passionate amazing experience, but buying a pair of Christian Louboutins, nothing compares to that feeling by fair.

For as long I can remember, I would dream about the day I could own a pair of red bottom heels. I think that is every woman’s goal to own a pair of Christian Louboutins and feel on top of the world. The day finally came where I was able to buy myself a pair of red bottoms, that day was one of the best days of my life. These Louboutins were a representation of my hard work because I worked long hours and saved significantly for them.

Going into Saks and seeing so many endless Louboutin choices, I felt like a kid in a candy store. Every pair of shoes was better than the last. My eyes were ogling out of my head. If I could, I would have bought every pair of shoes in the store. Obviously I couldn’t do that, well not anytime soon at least. There was one pair of shoes I saw that was love a first sight, the type of love that makes you weak in the knees and pull a Tom Cruise, jumping up an down on a coach –which I came close to doing at one point.

They were the gold glitter slingback daffodile., with an exaggerated platform and peep toe. The shoes had a 6½-inch heel and 2½-inch platform. Yes, they are extremely high but I always say the higher the heel, the closer I am to God.


I chose these shoes, simply because they are statement shoes. They can pretty much be paired with any outfit and take our entire look to the next level. I refuse to invest so much money in a pair of shoes to get the most basic color. I wanted to get a pair that was a signature piece. When I wore these shoes I turned so many heads, and good so many compliments, it was such a great feeling. These shoes legitimately make me feel like I am standing on top of the world.

I love these shoes more than life itself, but I wouldn’t recommend wearing them if your going to be doing extensive walking because these shows are not made for walking, they are made for sitting and looking pretty.

My Louboutins were worth every penny and I would recommend everyone woman, who loves shoes to get a pair of because they are a great addition to any shoe collection. Louboutins should be a classic staple in every girl’s wardrobe.



A trip to the Mediterranean for lunch !

Working in midtown and trying to find a place to eat for lunch where lines do not extend outside of the door is border line impossible, specifically 34th street area. At the peak of lunchtime restaurants are packed not only with people taking their lunch breaks but also with tourists who have reached the peak of their tours and want to chow down.

I don’t like to limit my food intake just to one specific region; I like to spread the love around the world. I’ve been craving Mediterranean food lately and decided my next food destination would be Greece, well figuratively speaking. There has been a lot of buzz generating about this Greek restaurant on 3rd Ave. called Ethos, amongst my colleagues. Always up for a new food adventure I figured I would give Ethos a try.

Ethos is a Greek/Mediterranean restaurant that is the perfect place to eat for lunch or dinner. They have an extensive lunch menu, as well as dinner menu. The options are limitless with so much to choose from every taste palette.

(Ethos is located on 3rd ave between 33rd and 34th street.)

Looking at the menu I pretty much wanted to order everything. I ended going with the gyro sandwich. The gyro sandwich is comprised of seasoned pork in a pita bread with tomato, onion, parsley and tzatziki sauce. The sauce can be compared to the gates of heaven opening, yes it is that amazing. The gyro sandwich is the perfect lunch dish I had in mind because it had the right blend of spices and was seasoned to perfection.

It didn’t end there! Here I was thinking I am just going to get my gyro sandwich, but it came with a complimentary order of baklava! I had heard of baklava but never tried it, and quite frankly I have been deprived! I don’t know what my life was before baklava, it siest to exist. Ethos’ baklava is the perfect dessert that is not too sweet. For anyone who has been living under a rock and deprived of baklava, it is sweet crispy pastry made of layers of fillo with almonds, walnuts and orange honey syrup. The baklava was utterly amazing and the best way I could have ended my meal.

This is the perfect lunch place for anyone in the midtown area looking to escape the massive crowds at restaurants and take a trip to the Mediterranean. Trying ethos, hands down was the highlight of my week.

Goodbye Fall Hello Winter!

The temperature is rapidly dropping which means winter is right around the corner!

I dread the blistery months because it can cause dry lips. Don’t get me wrong, we all know I love my Ample Pink and Wildly Lush, but during the winter I want something more moisturizing that protects against the cold. I previously used to use Blistex’s Lip Medex but decided to stop because the smell lacked appeal. I love all things that smell nice including lip products.

With all that in mind, I went on another one of my hunts. Strolling the halls of CVS, scouring high and low, I found it! It was Nivea’s Lip Butter.

Packaged in a circular tin, the lip butter comes in four different kinds; smooth kiss, raspberry rose kiss, caramel cream kiss and vanilla & macadamia kiss…that’s a whole lot of kisses. Initially, I was torn between caramel cream kiss and vanilla & macadamia kiss. So…I just got both because one can never ever have too many lip products.



 I’ve started using caramel cream kiss first, I will eventually make my way to vanilla & macadamia kiss (stay tuned for that review!). All I can is…Hi, my name is Ky and I am an addict. Using this lip butter has become an addiction of mine because I am always compulsively applying it.

Caramel cream kiss smells divine, like utter bliss. When I put this butter on my lips, it feels like the angels of God are touching my lips. This is me not being dramatic in the least bit, I am just trying to do this butter justice because it is that amazing. The formula of this lip butter is so rich it melts onto the lips and provides long-lasting nourishment. Caramel cream kiss is enriched with Shea Butter and Almond Oil that intensely moisturizes and soothes dry lips for long-lasting care. When I apply this butter it last for hours leaving my lips so supple and soft.


This is the perfect moisturizing lip product for the wintery months because it provides long-lasting moisturizing to the lips and protects against the harsh cold. This indeed will be my go to lip product for winter.

This Week in Beauty…

This week in beauty there is a new combination of products that have just become the center of my life. Here I am on another one of my adventures looking for the perfect combination of a daily face cleanser and daily moisturizer. This perfect combination is essential, as it can make the difference between an acne-ridden face and a blemish free face. The products are Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Daily Cleansing Pads and Aveeno’s Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer.


Aveeno’s Positively Radiant Daily Cleansing Pads are dual-textured cleansing pads with moisture-rich soy extract and skin conditioners that cleanse the skin quickly and easily, while leaving it soft and smooth to reveal brighter, more radiant skin. These pads are amazing because not only do they lift away dirt and buildup, but also gently exfoliate to leave your face feeling soft, smooth and even. The pads are dual textured so one side of the pad is used to exfoliate and scrub the face, while the other smooth side wipes away all the excess buildup from the face. I usually use these pads at nighttime and in the morning my face always looks smooth and feels so soft. I have been using these pads for about a week now and the results are instantaneous.


A daily moisturizer paired with a daily cleanser is crucial because it is the yin to its yang or the rainbow after a rainy day. The two go hand in hand and you cannot have one with out the other.

Aveeno’s Clear Complexion Daily Moisturizer is a daily moisturizer formulated of soy complex and salicylic acid that aids in clearing up blemishes and improves the health of your face. I have been using this moisturizer for about a week now, the same amount of time I have been using the face pads, and I can attest to the fact that this moisturizer is it. I am not a person who wears foundation but my face looks as though I am wearing foundation because this moisturizer leaves my face smooth to perfection. I used to get the occasional blemish but ever since using this moisturizer my days of blemishes are gone with the wind!


These two products have become staples in my new beauty regime.

Let Chipotle be great !

The new scarecrow commercial released by Chipotle Mexican Grill, was put out by the company to promote their new mobile app. The video depicts a scarecrow in a robotic dystopian society, where a sinister mass-producing factory controls food production. Fed up by food being controlled by large factors and eating bad quality food that come from animals which are injected by hormones and additives, the scarecrow decides to start a journey. The scarecrow decides to make a change and grow fresh food from the ground up and use that to make quality food that is locally sourced by farmers, healthy, as well as tasty for consumers.

Chipotle released this video as a great ad because nothing in the short film is false. The video backs up the companies business and ethical practices, as they produce meat from grass fed cows and none of the animals are injected with additives or hormones. The company believes in locally sourcing all of their products with farmers who grow the products sustainably. The video is credible because it is based on accurate facts.

However, the video did leave room for backlash. There is a negative connotation associated with Chipotle Mexican Grill because it is owned by the McDonalds franchise. Initial thoughts of anything associated with McDonalds are, it is unhealthy and made from poor quality, but that is not the case with Chipotle.

From a public relations perspective, Chipotle Mexican Grill got it right with this video because the short film hits an emotional appeal. The music playing encompassed with the scenes of helpless animals brings forth an emotional feeling, which always resonates with consumers. Also this is a great way for the company to introduce the new app. The video is an introduction of what the actual app is going to entail, which is a scarecrow going on a journey to stop the monopolized mass-food producing factory, and produce quality food for consumers.

This ad is raising a lot of controversy, and has been covered by several outlets including The Washington Post, Huffington Post, Business Insider, and The New Yorker. These outlets raise the same inquiry about the video questioning the credibility of a major food chain releasing an ad depicting themselves as this great company that produces healthy food. These outlets feel its just Chipotle playing off the emotions of people. Chipotle is also receiving backlash because they show helpless animals that are going to be slaughtered. This leaves them vulnerable, as the article by the Washington Post expresses the video makes people want to shy away from meat and become vegans because they feel bad for the animals.